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Luxury Glass Products for Yachts in South Florida

When talking about your yacht, luxury is a given. Elegance is an expectation when you and your guests come aboard. Custom designed luxury glass products throughout your vessel are the special touch youre looking for when developing the space. Giant Glass & Mirror knows luxury, yachts, and our customers. Our company has been serving the needs of yacht owners in South Florida for over 20 years with a team of skilled designers and fabricators coupled with installation and repair experts.


The main reason people buy boats of any size is to connect with the sea. Our glass products can provide that connection while simultaneously providing security. Explore some of the products available for yacht owners below.


Set Your Yacht Apart with Custom Interior Glass Products


Glass is a unique material that connects yet separates at the same time. It can become the focal point of a room when used as a window providing a magnificent view of the sea, or it can disappear almost entirely into a seamless border dividing two spaces within a common area. Glass connects us to the outdoors while protecting us from the elements. It provides light while holding in warmth and allows visual access with a sense of security. No other material offers form and function the way glass does.


If you desire a glass railing for your grand staircase, a nearly invisible room partition, or custommade glass shelving, the professionals at Giant Glass & Mirror can make it happen. Advancements in glass production have made it even more popular for use onboard yachts, and improvements in durability have made larger windows possible.


We manufacture quality products; however, accidents can and will happen, therefore we offer laminated glass products. If laminated glass should happen to break, an interlayer holds it together until it can be replaced.


Custom Designed Mirrors Create the Illusion of Space and Light Below Deck


Spaces below deck can feel closed in at times. The use of mirrors in certain areas can give the space a lighter, airier feel. Giant Glass & Mirror can custom design mirrors for the interior of your yacht to maximize natural light from windows and artificial light from fixtures. The simple trick of using mirrors to reflect existing light creates the illusion of more space and provides more light to dark areas. Mirror placement is a sophisticated design solution.


Elegance on a yacht doesn’t have to stop at the doorway to your bathroom. The mirror in your yacht bathroom is just as important as the one in your home. Giant Glass & Mirror can custom make a vanity mirror that is sure to suit your unique style. We offer custom sizes, edges, and frames to meet your exact requirements.


Sliding Glass Doors Provide Security on Your Yacht Without Compromising the Ocean View


Sliding glass doors have many applications onboard a yacht. While they are commonly used in showers, they can also be seen as interior partitions and weatherproof exterior doors. Large sliding doors with multiple sections are the sea goers answer to patio doors you find on land. Again, the reason you are on a yacht is to enjoy all the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings the ocean offers. A sliding marine door from Giant Glass & Mirror provides this while giving you the peace of mind that comes with safe and durable, tempered glass, strong enough to protect you, your guests, and your investment from the harshest weather the sea may stir up.


Marine sliding door tracks can even be beautiful. You can choose from a variety of materials and finishes for your sliding door tracks. Giant Glass & Mirror has the quality you demand plus the style you love available in all our products. Our marine glass specialists will guide you through the design process step by step, ensuring the result is just what you imagined.


Florida Yacht Management recognizes that glass is an important material used in the design of modern yachts. They say:

“…Research and development into these new types of glass have led to features on superyachts such as full glass walls on superstructure decks, that results in great panoramic views, particularly when accompanied by glass bulwarks, without compromising structural integrity. Beyond the superstructure, glass is also playing a growing role in other areas of the yacht. For example, with the proper use of glass, “ugly” tender garages, can now be transformed into beach clubs with swim platforms… (Retrieved from)


Giant Glass & Mirror is the only name you need to know for your glass needs in South Florida. We have the knowledge and experience to help create the design you deserve on your yacht. Our glass products are designed, fabricated, installed, and maintained in Florida and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us for more information on the products and services we offer our elite clientele.



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