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How Glass Partitions Can Help You Create a Home Office

As more people begin to work from home, a new need is arising for workspaces within the residence. If you live in an older home with limited rooms, it can be hard to find the extra room to make your office space. No open Glass Shelving Systemrooms and a growing need to work from home might make you consider your space differently. A few hundred square feet in a corner of your living room, dining room or a large bedroom can become the right place to put your home office, with the addition of a simple partition that gives you privacy.


Instead of taking the conventional approach, consider glass partition walls as an affordable, stylish alternative. If you work remotely or need a home office for a business you’re trying to start, a glass partition can help create the space you need. Giving you privacy when you need it, a glass partition also allows you to stay in tune with what your family or the rest of your household is doing while you work.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect home office with the addition of glass partition walls.


Consider Different Kinds of Glass


If you don’t like the look of regular glass creating a wall in the space you have available, there are many other options to consider. Glass partition details can be subtle enough to fit into an understated space, or distinct and eye-catching.  You can use an opaque, frosted or tinted glass to add a little privacy if you’re planning to host clients or have meetings in the office space. If you like a bolder design, patterned glass is a beautiful element that adds a fancy look to the room.  Consider frosted stripes, waves, or your company logo printed on the glass wall to make the office space stand out from the rest of the home and signify the shift to a professional space.


Do Away with Space Conventions


Don’t think you need to have a lot of square footage available to make an office space that suits your needs. In major metropolitan cities like New York and San Francisco, there are people finding ways to make small spaces work by getting creative and redefining how much space is needed to work.  If you plan well, you can use every inch you have to make even the smallest office work for you. Use modular or stackable storage solutions to put more resources into smaller spaces while keeping everything neat and organized. Retailers that specialize in these types of furnishings, like Ikea, offer fold-down desks that collapse against the wall when they aren’t in use to save space. Use hanging folders and bulletin boards to keep important documents at hand and use the vertical space you have available.


Re-Assess the Open Square Footage You Have


If you’re starting a business and you’re the only employee, there’s no point to wasting money on renting a workspace or office. Keep your overhead costs low by transforming some of the square footage you don’t use at home into your company headquarters. There may even be a tax deduction in it for you at the end of the year. You may think the available areas of your home are unusable as a working space but adding glass partitions can help transform them. For example, enclose an open patio or extend your living space just a little to create a sunroom where you can enjoy beautiful weather while being productive. Make a reading nook into a more private space by adding a partition or half wall to block prying eyes.  Convert the unused part of a walk-in closet to a work area. A short space with little headroom can be okay if you mostly work seated in a chair. Work with the space you have, and you may find that it works perfectly for a business of one.


If you’re inspired to use a glass partition to create a home office space where you can be more productive, call Giant Glass and Mirrors today. Our experienced team can install a glass partition in any available space in your home.



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