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Why Frameless Shower Shields Are Perfect for Family Homes

A frameless shower shield is ideal for homes with families, from small children to elderly grandparents. From being ideal for mobility restricted people to being simple to maintain, glass shower shields are perfect for busy homes full of people on the move. They are easy and safe for people of all ages to operate. Best of all, they allow you to eliminate the smelly shower curtain and moldy liner that is found in most bathrooms. Here are some of the top reasons family homes are the ideal places to add glass shower shields.


Keeps Water Use Minimal


If you’ve got a house full of kids or extended family, the cost of keeping everyone clean is likely to add up on your monthly water bill. Eliminating the bathtub from the family’s main bathroom encourages everyone to take showers and uses less water overall than if each person takes a bath. It also helps to keep everyone on schedule as it discourages them from lingering in the water to take a long soak.


Easy for Children and Seniors


A frameless shower shield makes it easy for anyone to use because it eliminates the need to step over a high bathtub lip into the shower area. With a frameless shower door, you simply walk into the shower stall. This is ideal for senior citizens, people with mobility issues, or small children who can trip and hurt themselves hitting the edge of the bathtub. Many homeowners add a shower seat or grip bars to this kind of bathroom to make the area even safer for people with restricted mobility to use. If you have infants or toddlers, it’s easier to keep them clean under the steady stream of the shower instead of trying to bend over the edge of the bathtub and scrub them.


Takes No Time at All to Keep Clean


Scrubbing a bathtub is exhausting work, and it must be done regularly If you want to keep your bathroom pristine. If you have multiple people in the tub each day, the need for cleaning grows more frequent. Stand up showers are much easier to keep clean, especially if you have a hand-held shower head you can use to spray the stall area down. This can carve time from your regular cleaning routine and make it easier for you to keep the bathroom neat and tidy daily. You can also get rid of shower curtains and liners for good, and you never have to worry again about mold or mildew growing along the bottom.


Gives Your Bathroom an Upgraded Look



The modern, clean look of a frameless shower door instantly elevates the style of any bathroom. You can use simple tiles and finishes along with the glass to create a beautiful but simple bath area that is perfect for family use. Built-in shelving makes the shower stall look like an upgraded feature designed by a sophisticated designer. The combination of beauty and practicality will make the home ideal for resale to another family when you are ready to move on. While many buyers think this look is sophisticated and expensive, it can be quite affordable to add this feature to your bathroom.


If you want to add glass shower shields to the bathrooms in your home, Giant Glass and Mirror can help you! Our team is standing by to help you by providing a free quote to upgrade your bathroom with a shower shield. Contact us today to get the process started.

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