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How to Choose the Right Marina for You and Your Yacht

Luxury is synonymous with a yacht. From the sleek glass railings to the interior glass products we provide at Giant Glass & Mirror, your yacht IS sophistication. You spare no expense on your vessel; you should expect no less at the marina where you choose to dock your yacht. There is no shortage of high-quality marinas in South Florida. However, there are certain things to keep in mind while looking for the right marina for you. 


interior glass products It should go without saying that size certainly does matter when it comes to where you can dock your yacht. Not all marinas are created equal, so this should be your first consideration. Read on to learn more about other factors to consider such as location, amenities, security, and ease of access.







Finding a Marina that Fits Your Needs


When shopping around for the right marina, the number one priority must be “Will my yacht FIT?” Along with this, you should consider the ease of access out of and back into the ocean. The Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary describes a yacht as “A large boat used for racing or pleasure.” That is a vague term by today’s standards. Traditionally, a boat over 80’ that has been outfitted by Giant Glass & Mirror, has been considered a yacht as once your boat reaches 80’+; you need to hire a crew to assist you with sailing it.

That is simple enough! It’s once you get over 100’ that it gets interesting! Kim Kavin from  breaks down the size, price and attitude factors nicely. According to Kavin, there is the superyacht, the megayacht, and the gigiyacht. Let’s find a place to dock regardless of the size of your yacht!

Finding a marina that can handle your vessel may pose a challenge if your yacht is in the super, mega, or gigi category, making knowing what your options are essential. There are some exceptional marinas in South Florida, here are just a couple that can handle a huge boat:


  • Marina Bay Resort, Fort Lauderdale “It’s more than just a place to dock your boat. It is more than SET YOUR YACHT APART WITH CUSTOM INTERIOR GLASS PRODUCTSjust a marina. It is a lifestyle with country club amenities.” Retrieved from
    • Named in the Top 100 Megayacht Marinas by Showboats International
    • 168 side-tie slips on floating docks
    • Can accommodate yachts up to 140′
    • Visitors have access to the entire gated community


  • Harbour Towne Marina, Dania Beach The staff at Harbour Towne present extensive knowledge and the ability to assist in arranging any and all” Retrieved from
    • Many awards including Emerald Award, Green Boatyard Award, and Clean Marina Award
    • Wet docks can accommodate yachts up to 200’
    • Complete marine repair facility on-site. Close to a yacht glass specialists
    • Surrounded by Florida’s last remaining mangrove habitat



Bridge or No Bridge? That is an Important Question


Once you have determined the size requirements for your yacht, next is deciding on the perfect location for you. One factor in determining a good location is whether or not there are any bridges to pass under. Here are two marinas along the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway with no fixed bridges:

  • Royale Palm Yacht Basin, Dania Beach“Royale Palm marina is only a few minutes drive to the beautiful Dania and Fort Lauderdale Beach and walking distance to Dania Beach ” Retrieved from
    • Wake-Free marina
    • Minutes from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
    • Proud member of MIASF
    • Gulfstream Horse Racing Track
  • Seahaven Marine, Dania Beach “Seahaven prides itself on offering yachters the region’s most discreet and secure yacht harbor, with managed pedestrian access and industry-leading surveillance monitoring.” Retrieved from
    • Easy access to world class beaches, fine dining, golf, tennis, theater, and more
    • Minutes from the Fort Lauderdale inlet
    • Close to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
    • Brand new clubhouse built in 2018

Is Your Marina Secure Enough for Your Yacht?


SOUTH FLORIDA YACHTPrivacy and security are paramount when it comes to you, your guests, and your investment. You want your property protected 24/7 at a facility you can trust. You can ensure visual privacy protection by installing any of our high-quality tinted glass products, and a secure facility will protect all the valuable products onboard.

There are some essential questions to ask a potential marina before you visit, whether you are just passing through or will be docking for a while. Things to ask the marina staff while making arrangements:




  • Is there state of the art security cameras in all areas of the marina?
  • Are there security officers on duty at all times?
  • Are vehicle and pedestrian access controlled?
  • Is it well-lit?
  • What level of privacy do you offer?


Do not make assumptions about the security of a marina based on anything but your knowledge and experience. The same goes for privacy. You should never have to worry about your yacht, regardless of whether or not you are on it. By asking questions and checking out the facility ahead of time, you can ensure an enjoyable stay.

You will not have a hard time FINDING a secure and luxurious Marina around Dania Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or the surrounding areas. The hard part will be PICKING one!


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