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How to Make Your Frameless Tub Enclosures Fit Your Décor Style

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Having a well-designed bathroom with a cohesive style is easy to do in any home without breaking the bank. As you make changes to the bathroom and evaluate which upgrades are worth making, remember to consider adding a frameless tub enclosure for both style and function. Pieces that add resale value to the home, like frameless tub enclosures, are worth considering for inclusion in any bathroom. No matter how you have decorated your bathroom, it’s easy to make a bathtub door fit into your style, and the process of adding one to your home is easy.


There are several kinds of shower doors perfect for any situation, including:

  • A hinged shower door that swings open and closed
  • A trackless door that will open and close smoothly while you have it
  • A pivot tub door for maximum room and space to move around


These options make it easy to choose a shower door that fits your style. Here are some tips for integrating a bathtub door into any design style from the experts at Giant Glass and Mirror:




European or Minimalist


If you want to create a clean, bright oasis where you can start the day with a calm, peaceful feeling, a minimalist bathroom might be perfect for you. Simple lines and classic neutral colors are the hallmarks of the minimalist style. Natural style lighting and large mirrors help space feel large and open. Banish countertop clutter into drawers or closets to keep the space free of distractions and mess. You can incorporate simple silk plants or fresh greenery to bring a natural touch into space or use natural wood accents to soften the look of the bathroom.


Tropical or Caribbean Inspired


Bring a little slice of sunshine to your home with a bathroom inspired by the classic style of the Caribbean. Dark woods and clean white linens will help you set a classic Colonial style, seen in fine homes all over the islands. Use a bright wall color and tropically inspired accents to pull the look together, like:

  • Hibiscus flowers and banana leaves
  • Palm fronds and pineapples
  • Jute Twine
  • Wicker baskets and window shutters


Farmhouse Chic


Easy, clean and comfortable, a farmhouse inspired bathroom uses rustic accents and simple finishes. Add antique-inspired features, like an oversized tub, to make the space more sophisticated. Shiplap, made ultra-popular by Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV fame, is a perfect way to add a farmhouse finish to one or multiple bathroom walls. These wood style planks are available in many finishes and can be added to a bathroom as a do it yourself project over a weekend.


Ornate or Over the Top


Create a bathroom fit for a king or queen in your home by using upgraded textiles and advanced features, like a high-quality rainfall showerhead, heated flooring and built-in waterproof speakers. Rich paint colors, like plum or scarlet, can help create a regal atmosphere. If your style is over the top, you can choose an opaque or reflective finished glass to add a fancy touch to your bathroom. Oversized metallic hinges in gold, silver or copper can add a touch of class to the look of the shower and match the fixtures you choose to go inside.


Spa Style


Having a beautiful, well-appointed bathroom that transports you to a tranquil, serene place is a top desire for many homeowners. Consider the hallmarks of the spas you’ve visited in the past as you try to recreate the style and feel at home. Most spas use light colors and fine textiles to create a clean, luxurious feeling. Frameless tub enclosures help to create this feeling by allowing light to filter through every part of the bathroom. Combine this feature with a shower seat to make it ultra-convenient for elderly visitors or those with limited mobility and give the bathroom a luxurious look.



If you want to add frameless tub enclosures to your bathrooms to complete the look, Giant Glass and Mirror can help! Contact us today to start the process of upgrading your bathroom with a free quote.

Mirrors are a Versatile and Beautiful Accent to Your Home Decor

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

Interior designers have been decorating with mirrors for ages, and for a good reason! Mirrors are an inexpensive way to add sophistication to any room in your home. While mirrors provide a valuable function in our daily lives; they could even be considered a necessity to modern culture.  Additionally, they can help us express ourselves when used as pieces of art. Whether you purchase an “off-the-shelf” mirror or have a decorative wall mirror made,  a mirror can be a beautiful accent to your home décor.


In this blog, we are going to discuss a bit about the history of mirrors and discover how they became such an intricate part of our daily lives. We will also touch on how decorating with mirrors can improve the look of any room in your home.




A Brief History of the Mirror


The people of Anatolia in modern-day Turkey used the first known mirrors. They polished volcanic glass called obsidian until it was shiny and reflective. Remnants of these early mirrors date back to approximately 8,000 years ago.


Throughout time, many materials have been polished and used to see one’s reflection including different types of stone, followed by copper, tin, and bronze along with other metals. Historians think that the Romans were the first to make glass mirrors, though there is no physical evidence of this.


Ultimately, nature is the true ‘inventor’ of the mirror; humans have gazed at their reflections in still pools of water since they first went to get water to drink. Imagine the wonder they felt at seeing themselves for the first time! During the sixteenth century, Venice became the epicenter of mirror manufacturing. However, since they were made with precious metals, only the very wealthy owned them.


In 1835 German chemist Justus von Liebig developed the silvered-glass mirror, and it was his process that finally made mirrors affordable for common people to own. Today, aluminum is the most common material used in the production of glass. The use of affordable backing is what put glass mirrors in nearly every home since the 1800s. 


Mirrors are Used for More than Gazing at Your Gorgeous Face


We use mirrors for so much more than brushing our teeth and combing our hair. Mirrors are all around us, all of the time. Mirrors are hidden tools that make our life simpler, safer, and more productive.Custom Mirrors


Indy car racer, Ray Harroun, saw a rear-view mirror on a horse-drawn carriage and decided to give the idea a go in his race car. While it did lighten his load by replacing the man that had to ride in the back of the car to tell him when it was safe to pass, the bumpy track made it vibrate too much to be able to see out of.


In 1921, Elmer Berger patented the first rear-view mirror, he called it the “Cop Spotter” and used it for just what its name implies!


While auto manufacturers developed rear-view mirrors in the ’30s, it wasn’t until 1970 that they became a standard safety feature on all vehicles. Imagine driving without a rear-view mirror in traffic on a highway today!

Mirrors are also used in telescopes, and even placed on the moon! Scientists use lasers and mirrors to measure distance. Cameras use mirrors as well. Even the digital camera on your phone has mirrors. Additionally, mirrors are used in parking lots and stores to increase visibility.


Using Mirrors in Your Home


Most homes have seven to ten mirrors spread throughout multiple rooms. Proper placement and hanging of the mirrors you use are crucial to the appearance of the space and their practicality.  You can find more inspiration regarding using mirrors for interior design here. Let’s take a closer a look at some of the areas that should have a mirror in your home.


Bathroom: This is the obvious place to start. Your vanity mirror may be a large, frameless one that hangs nearly invisibly on the wall. Or, it may be a beautiful oval mirror framed in a repurposed antique picture frame. Whichever you have, hanging the mirror at the proper height is important. It should be placed at least a few inches above the sink and centered on the wall.


Entryway: Interior designers like to hang mirrors near the front door to give you a final place to check yourself before you head out the door. Additionally, entryways are typically smaller and hanging a mirror there makes the area appear more spacious.


Bedroom: While some designers oppose hanging a mirror in the bedroom, those without the luxury of a walk-in closet like having a full-length mirror available to check their outfit, and the bedroom is the only logical place for this. You can choose to hang a full-length mirror on the wall or select an oversized floor mirror that complements your bedroom decor.

full-length mirror


As you can SEE, mirrors have a long and exciting story dating way back into history, but we want to talk about NOW. Reach out to our professionals at Giant Glass & Mirror today for a free quote on your custom mirror project!

Choosing the Right Tables For Your Home

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Take a moment and think about all of the tables currently in your home. How many do you have? On average, glass tableshomeowners have about 15 tables of varying sizes and uses. Every table in your home has the simple job of keeping things off the floor and within easy reach. But tables can do much more than that! Do your tables reflect your personal style and contribute to the beauty of your home? Or do they merely keep things off of the ground? Let Giant Glass & Mirror help you combine form and function in any table you need!


Whether it is the all-important kitchen table used for everything from breakfast to homework and visits with friends or a beautiful coffee table in your comfy living room, each table in your home serves an important purpose and can help showcase your style and enhance your décor. Read on to learn how to choose just the right table for your kitchen or living room!


The Makings of a Great Coffee Table


The living room is a warm gathering place for family and friends. Good lighting, comfortable seating and a place for setting drinks are essential if you want to create a place where people feel welcome. A coffee table of glass coffee tableappropriate size and shape can help you accomplish this. My Domaine has some excellent tips for choosing a coffee table.


Your coffee table should not be an afterthought of your design concept. It is just as important as the color of the couch and where you put the TV. First, you must decide what the primary function of the table will be. Do you need the table to:

  • Be sturdy enough to hold trays of snacks and drinks?
  • Be light enough to be easily moved around?
  • Have room to store games or pillows and blankets?
  • Be seamless enough to display collectibles prominently?


Once you determine what you will use your coffee table for, you can pick the material you want it made out of. When it comes to the items you can use for a coffee table; your options are endless. Basically, anything that will fit in your space can sit on a flat surface, and has a flat top can be used as a coffee table. You can upcycle many materials into cool pieces of useful furniture. You can even add a custom cut piece of glass to the top of many interesting flea market-finds to create a one-of-a-kind piece!

More traditional options include wood, metal, and glass. Select the perfect material that will suit your needs and your sense of style. Remember, the coffee table is an essential piece in an important room in your home, don’t overlook it!


The Table in the Heart of Your Home


The kitchen is the heart of every home, and the kitchen table is probably the most used table in your whole house. kitchen tableEach day starts with coffee and breakfast around the kitchen table and every day ends around it with homework, dinner, or simple conversation. Families make important decisions while sitting at it and news, both good and bad, is shared when gathered together there.


Your kitchen table should reflect your personal taste, match the décor of your home, be durable, large enough for your needs, and last for ages. Here are things to consider while shopping for a kitchen table.


  • Will this be your only place for meals? Meaning you do not have a formal dining room.
  • How big is your family? How many people will be gathered regularly?
  • Will this also be a place for homework, bills, etc.?


An article published at The Old Ways discusses the historical and modern importance of the ever-present kitchen table. It is used for so much more than sharing food together which is why it remains such an important piece of furniture in your home and why you must take care when choosing it.


Unlike the coffee table, which has a more extensive list of materials you can choose from, the kitchen table is typically going to be wood, metal, or glass topped. Homeowners often select wooden tables for their traditional appearance and sturdiness; however, a glass topped table should not be ruled out. Tempered glass is very durable, safe, and easy to care for, and a glass topped table can make a small room feel larger while bringing a modern feel to the space.


Buy with Confidence from a Local


If you choose a glass topped table for your living room or kitchen, get a quote from Giant Glass & Mirror FIRST! We have been serving Dania Beach and all of South Florida for over 20 years. We are a full-service glass company Glass Topthat designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of products.

Our products are all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured you will be happy with the products we provide! We look forward to helping you with your table needs!

Give Your Loved One a Custom-Made Gift

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

We all want our loved ones to be happy. One way we make people we care about happy is by giving them gifts. Gifts are given for many occasions and even for no reason at all. Giving people we care about gifts is one way to express our feelings. However, it can be challenging to find just the right gift sometimes. Some people are hard tocustom cut mirrors shop for, and some people seem to “have it all.” Let the mirror specialists at Giant Glass & Mirror answer the age-old question of “What do you get the person who has everything?” You get them something custom made!


Few things say “I love you” in the way a custom-made gift can. At Giant Glass & Mirror, we can turn an ordinary household item, like a mirror, into a meaningful treasure. We take pride in our ability to custom cut many sizes and shapes of mirrors. If you are looking for a unique, one of a kind gift, consider designing a custom mirror for your special someone.




Great Reasons to Give Someone a Gift.


Gift giving should extend well beyond the holidays and birthdays. We can show our love, affection, gratitude, and appreciation with gifts throughout the year. Some occasions call for a big celebration. Milestone anniversaries, purchasing a new home, birthdays with a “0”, the birth of a baby, and retirement are life events that require acknowledgment and should be celebrated with gifts.


Everyday moments should not be overlooked as great gifting opportunities, either! Occasionally, the most wonderful time to give a gift is for no particular reason at all! A well thought out “just because” present speaks volumes to the person who receives it. Whether it is a gift of gratitude or one of affection, few people will be upset when presented with an unexpected gift. Most will be elated at your thoughtfulness.


The act of giving and receiving a gift is emotionally satisfying for the giver and the receiver. Doing something for someone you care about is good for you, while the feeling of being appreciated is good for them. 


What Makes a Decorative Mirror a Good Gift?


Home décor tops the list of gifts that last and are enjoyable for many years. While diamonds are forever, not every occasion calls for such extravagance. A present that is meaningful and heartfelt stands up well next to a gift that may be more indulgent and a thoughtfully given gift can become a permanent reminder of your affection for the recipient. Personalized and custom made gifts are always well received.


A gift that the recipient can display in their home is a wonderful choice because they will see it often, and hopefully think of you! A decorative mirror is a unique idea, and a custom-made mirror will take that unique idea over the top! Mirrors Custom Made


Repurposing items from your home and turning them into art or useful items is widely popular, and for a good reason! Do you have a great frame around a less than great painting? Turn it into a mirror! That rustic window frame that just “spoke to you” at the flea market is saying “Make me a MIRROR!” Surprise your loved one by replacing the broken mirror on the antique dressing table that belonged to their grandmother and present it on a special occasion. What a great way to say “What is important to you, is also important to me.”


At Giant Glass & Mirror, we can cut mirrors to any size and shape that you want, and framing the mirror isn’t always necessary. Some of the most beautiful mirrors do not have a frame at all. In fact, because we custom cut all of our mirrors, we can finish them with a beautifully polished edge, a standard beveled edge or beveled strips in 2”, 3”, or 4” widths. While there may be some size requirements for mirrors we make, we can almost certainly fill your request.


Why Choose Giant Glass & Mirror for Custom Mirrors?


We have been providing the areas around Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, and Miami with high-quality glass and mirror products for over 20 years and our craftsman fabricate all of our products right here in South Florida. We are fully licensed and insured and we back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


If you want to knock the next gift you give out of the park, consider giving a custom mirror made by Giant Glass & Mirror. Remember, thoughtful gifts that reflect your feelings, as well as the recipient’s style, are the gifts that last the longest. 



Check out our website or call 954-822-7885 for more information about our products and services and to request a quote.

Why You Need Giant Glass & Mirror in Your Bathroom

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

The bathrooms in your home should be a place of relaxation and peace. You NEED the help of Giant Glass & Mirror if your bathroom makes you say “ICK” instead of “AHH”! Your ensuite should include a well-appointed, Frameless doors spa-like bathroom which compliments your luxurious master bedroom. Your children need a safe and easy to clean bathroom. And of course, you want your guests to feel relaxed and at home when they use your facilities as well.


Hydroslide shower enclosures, frameless doors, and glass tub enclosures can turn your bathroom into space where you can be energized in the morning and prepare to take on the day. A spa-like bathroom is a relaxing retreat after a long and stressful day.


The design professionals at Giant Glass & Mirror will help you design the perfect space for you! We will guide you through the entire process, from design through fabrication, and installation and because we are a full-service glass company, we can get your custom-made product installed FAST! However, our service doesn’t stop there. We provide all of our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we offer repair services as well.




Tips for Planning your Bathroom Remodel.


Remodeling an outdated bathroom can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! Following a few simple guidelines will streamline the process for you and perhaps even make it an enjoyable experience!

  • Assess Your Needs. Are you hoping to create a luxurious retreat in your ensuite or do you need to make your bathroom more accessible to accommodate an aging family member? Determining your needs is paramount.
  • Set Goals. Once you assess your needs, you should set clear goals which include your budget and timeline.
  • Create a Budget. Be realistic. Weigh what you want with what you need and finally with what you can afford — the average bathroom reno costs between $10,000 and $15,000. Once you start adding high-end fixtures, the price will go up considerably.
  • Design and Plan. Are you able to utilize any of your existing fixtures? Consider the placement of any windows and plumbing. Work with your contractor to ensure that what you want aligns with what is affordable and possible.
  • Select Materials. This is the fun part for many homeowners! Choosing the perfect tub, shower doors, tile, grout, flooring, even the toilet can be exciting!
  • Prepare your Home for Construction. Talk with your contractor about the timeline and plan for the inconvenience of temporarily losing one bathroom. Block off as much of the area as possible to keep dust, debris, and noise under control.
  • Be Patient. Remodeling can be frustrating as unforeseen problems often arise. Build some extra days into your timeline for just such occurrences. Remember, it will all be worth it when you are relaxing in your new space!


Get Hydroslide Doors Installed FAST.


Giant Glass & Mirror is a full-service glass company which means that we design, fabricate, and install our products personally. Our in-house fabrication allows us to provide lightning fast service for our customers. We take pride in our speed! Once you settle on a design for your shower or tub, leave the rest to us!


Catherine Roberts gave us a five-star review and said “This company went above and beyond for us. From estimate to install was only five days and every aspect was perfect. Joseph and his staff are true professionals.”


We will work with your contractor to ensure precise measurements and coordinate with them when it is time for installation. You can be sure that if your project gets held up, it will not be because of us!


How are Hydroslide Doors Installed?


Hydroslide Doors

When we install hydroslide doors, we use precise measuring techniques including lasers to guarantee a perfect fit and our skilled team of installers only use the highest quality hardware of your choosing to hang your shower or tub doors. We have a large selection of quality hardware in a variety of finishes that are sure to enhance the entire project.


One of the reasons glass doors are popular in the bathroom is because they basically disappear and allow the tile or stonework to take center stage in the space. Using just the right hardware can help make the doors nearly invisible. We even offer frameless shower doors which appear to float seamlessly in place.


When you have your doors installed with care by our professional experts, the fit will be precise, the look will be seamless, and the project will be painless.


Here at Giant Glass & Mirror we are fully licensed and insured guaranteeing you can buy from us with confidence.  We are a local company here in Dania Beach that has been serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding areas of South Florida for over 20 years. We set our company apart from the rest with our “full-service” policy and promise to guide you through each step of this process with guaranteed satisfaction. We would love to hear from you to provide you with a FREE quote!

Don’t Hide Your Family Heirlooms – Protect Them Under Glass

Friday, February 15th, 2019

Here at Giant Glass & Mirror, we specialize in making custom glass table tops. Our team of professionals can design, fabricate, and install a piece of glass to enhance, protect, and breathe new life into your priceless family heirloom. Since our products are entirely customizable, you can rest assured that we will provide a glass product that will exceed your expectations.Glass Table Tops


If your family has trusted you with an heirloom, someone must care for you a great deal, and have faith that you will appreciate the gift and care for it for years to come. There are many reasons to place a protective covering on an antique. First and foremost, a covering protects the piece form general wear and tear. Coverings keep the item cleaner, dust free, and ensure that it maintains its original beauty. Some common protective coverings include tablecloths, doilies, table pads, and glass. Read on to learn more about options for antique top protectors and the benefits of choosing glass to protect your family treasures.



Options to Protect Antiques


It is imperative to prevent daily use from ruining priceless furniture with dents, chips, scratches, and dust. Even the SUN can fade and damage wood products. However, many products on the market today can help preserve the beauty of your furniture.

  • Tablecloth-This is an inexpensive and easy solution.
    • PROS-Tablecloths are available in many sizes and a variety of materials. They are usually machine washable.
    • CONS-They come in limited shapes, square, round, oval, or rectangular and hide the entire piece.
  • Doily– This is a beautiful option and an excellent way to showcase an additional family heirloom.
    • PROS-They are unique and often amplify the beauty of the furniture.
    • CONS-Doilies can cause irregular fading and are typically not large enough to cover the whole piece; they offer little protection.
  • Table Pad-This is a strong option and provides durable protection to the furniture.
    • PROS-They are thick, hold up well over time, and offer solid
    • CONS-They hide the whole piece, are bulky to store when not in use, and can trap moisture from spills underneath.
  • Glass-This is a beautiful, long lasting option.
    • PROS-Glass allows the beauty of the piece you are protecting to shine through; it is cost-effective and easy to maintain.
    • CONS-It is heavy, and you must take extra care if you move it.


Once you decide what is most important to you, whether it is cost, ease of use, or protecting WHILE enjoying the beauty of your piece, you can choose the right table protector for your heirloom.



What Kind of Furniture Can Glass Protect?


protective glass covering

While there are many products available that will protect your antiques and family heirlooms, there is only ONE that offers durability and elegance at the same time, and that is glass. All other options may protect your piece, but they hide it as well. Why bother displaying something if you have to cover it up anyway? Glass is the right choice if you are looking to protect and enhance any flat surfaced piece of furniture.


Here are some examples of types of furniture that can benefit from having a protective glass covering.

  • Coffee Table-These tables endure a lot of wear and tear. You want to display this beautiful piece, but you defiantly need to protect it. A glass top custom cut to size with a safe rounded edge is the perfect way to preserve AND display it.
  • Desk-Whether you have a large office desk or a small secretary desk, placing glass on the top will show off the grain of the wood while preventing any scratches, dents, or ink stains.
  • Buffet-This prized antique piece certainly requires special care because of the kind of use it receives. Glass prevents marks that can be caused by heat or moisture.
  • End Table-This piece might not see much action; however, it can suffer from fading or bleaching if it is near a window. Glass can reflect some sunlight and help slow fading.
  • Dining Room Table-Your dining room table deserves the most care. If your family has gathered around it for generations, save it for generations to come by covering it with a custom glass table top.

One of our glass table tops will protect all of these pieces and more.


Why Glass is the Right Choice for Furniture Top Protection


What makes glass the perfect product to use to protect your furniture? Well, for one, glass is versatile and durable. Additionally, because our professionals at Giant Glass & Mirror custom manufacture every product we sell, we can make just about any size or shape tables with glass tops you may need. Adding to the versatility of size and shape are the options you have when it comes to the edge of the glass. We offer:


  • Standard Seamed Edge
  • Beveled Edge
  • Flat Polished Edge
  • Ogee Edge-This is a brilliantly polished, rounded edge with a decorative ledge.


Any of these edges will be sure to add to the beauty of your furniture.

There is no need to cover up your family heirloom for the sake of protecting it. You can use your grandmother’s dining room table without fear of damaging it once you place a simple yet elegant and effective piece of glass on top. Reach out to Giant Glass & Mirror today to request a free quote on your next project!

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